Breast Cancer is the  most frequently diagnosed cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer -related death among women in New York State. Nearly 14,000 NYS women are newly diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 3000 die from the disease annually.A disproportionate number of the deaths from breast cancer occur among the low-income and minority women over the age of 40 who may not understand the benefits of early detection or may not have access to life saving screenings.

Cervical Cancer represents a smaller threat to the women of NYS, though there are still deaths from this preventable disease each year. Cervical Cancer is diagnosed in approximately 950 women in the state of New York year and about 290 will die annually. Rural women and those who have recently immigrated from other countries find access to cervical cancer screenings services to be a problem. There is also the thought among older women that it is not necessary to continue with pelvic exams and Pap testing beyond child bearing years.

Cancers arising from the colon and rectum are referred to as Colorectal Cancer(CRC) Colon Cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer  among both men and women in NYS.There are approximately 11,000 new cases of CRC diagnosed each year, and about 4,000 die from the disease annually.Fortunately , studies have shown that regular and appropriate screening and polyp removal can prevent colorectal cancer when detected early.
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